Jessi Monet, Barefoot Gardens

Tell us about your business and why you chose that particular business path?

Barefoot Gardens is a Roscommon based micro farm. We produce micro greens, market garden vegetables, leafy greens and herbs. We grow all naturally, no chemicals or pesticides. 
 We chose this business because it is something we enjoy. Hobby turned business.

How is your business going so far in comparison to your projections or goals?

So far the business is doing fairly well. We had a rough start to our season due to uncanny weather, the four we are a little behind on what we had projected for the year. However it is still early in the season.

Most people are hesitant to start a business in rural areas, is that a concern for you?

Everyone gets a bit hesitant about opening a new business no matter where they are, be it inner city or rural america. We don't feel like it's a major concern for us and our business 1.) because it is something we enjoy doing. 2.) Everyone needs to eat. Everyone deserves healthy &

How were you referred to the Sawmill Rural Business Center?

We were referred to the Sawmill Rural Business Developement Center by Erin Adam's and Beth Coulter. 

What was your experience like working with the Sawmill?

We found d the working with the Sawmill was very easy. Diane has been helpful, resourceful and encouraging. She never made us feel like we couldn't do it. Always had an idea or a resource  for more information.

What are you short and long term business plans? 

Short term plans for Barefoot Gardens :  Find a permanent home for our business as we are on leases land. Hopefully within the next year.
Long term plans: expand into more perennials like fruit trees and hops.

What advice do you have for those that might be considering starting a business in Roscommon County or other rural areas?

Our advice to anyone thinking about opening a business would be to call The Sawmill Rural Business Developement Center and set up an appointment  with Diane. Diane will sit with you to discuss your ideas and help guide you along your journey. Diane is a wealth of resources. We would also recommend signing up for the Springboard Summit in the fall.

Anything else you'd like to share?

We probably would not be in business today had it not been for Diane and The Sawmill. Thank you for your guidance and support.

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