Frequently Asked Questions

Table of contents


Conference Room (Boardroom)

  1. May I use the conference room for more hours than my membership level provides?

    Yes. An hourly rate applies to each additional hour you reserve the conference room, subject to your membership plan.

    • Members
      8 hours granted: $5 per each additional hour of conference room time.
    • Visitors
      2 hours granted: $10 per each additional hour of conference room time.
    • Drop-Ins
      1 hour granted: $10 per each additional hour of conference room time.
  2. Is the conference room also open-concept?

    No, the conference room is separate from the main workspace. The room can be closed for privacy during meetings.

  3. What is the maximum capacity of the conference room?

    There is available seating for up to 12 people.

  4. What amenities does the conference room have?

    Projector screen, air conditioning, whiteboard, 8-12 office chairs, 8-foot conference table, wifi, wall clock, and closable door for privacy during reserved meeting times.

  5. What hours may the conference room be reserved?

    Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm, for one-hour increments.

  6. May I reserve the conference room without a Membership or Pass?

    No, the conference room is reserved for paying Sawmill Members, Visitors, and Drop-Ins only.


Sawmill Events

  1. Which membership levels grant me free access to Sawmill Events?

    Free access is granted to individuals who pay a monthly Sawmill Membership or who purchased a Sawmill Visitor Pass. Free access is NOT granted to those with a Sawmill Drop-In Pass.

  2. What sort of events does the Sawmill host?

    The Sawmill Rural Business Center hosts an annual business launch program called Springboard Summit every fall.

    Several Professional Workshops are scheduled sporadically throughout the year. The frequency and subject matter of the workshops varies as they depend on the availability of the presentors/collaborators.

    Sawmill's partner, Young Professionals from the Heart of Northern Michigan, hosts monthly networking events at local bars in Houghton Lake, Roscommon, and Grayling called Beverages and Business Relationships After The Grind (BBRAG). They are held from 6:30pm-8pm on the second Thursday of each month.